Horst Wessel im Bild (includes CD: Die Fahne Hoch!)—
This is a unique picture book on the life and death of the murdered National Socialist activist Horst Wessel, SA leader in Berlin and author of the Third Reich national anthem Die Fahne Hoch. The book is a reprint of the original which was published in 1933 by Horst's sister Ingeborg, who has also written the introduction. It is reprinted digitally to ensure the very best photo quality; only English translation has been added and the German text changed to a modern and more readable typeface. It comes with a unique CD containing 9 different versions of the Horst Wessel Lied plus an SA man's tribute to the fallen comrade (all original soundtrack from the Third Reich era and only available through purchase of this book). Full color soft cover, 132 pages, 145 photos!