The superb autobiography of the champion of the post-war National Socialist movement. Considered a MUST READ.  
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George Lincoln Rockwell was born on March 9, 1918 in Bloomington, Illinois. He left his studies at Brown University to enlist in the United States Navy as a fighter pilot after America entered World War II. He was later called again to duty during the Korean War. Discharged with the rank of Commander, George Lincoln Rockwell began to realize that everything he had been fighting for in those wars was being handed over to Communist interests at home.

Rockwell became a “conservative”, but decided that conservatives were a sneaky and cowardly lot; too frightened to name their enemies and had neither the backbone nor the intestinal fortitude to withstand a protracted struggle against the Left—always shrinking away from demonstrating their convictions and running away from being labeled a “Nazi!”

In 1958, alone and without funds, George Lincoln Rockwell cast aside all societal taboos to do the impossible; he raised the Swastika banner and proudly proclaimed his intent to do for the White People of America what Adolf Hitler had done for the rescue them from the International Jewish Conspiracy and restore to them a healthy sense of racial idealism. He formed the American Nazi Party and tore through the ‘paper curtain’ of media blackout, inviting idealists to stand with him and forcing cowards to scurry away.

In the nine years under his direction, until his untimely death, he built the American Nazi Party into the National Socialist White People’s Party—having recognized the significance of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism as champion to the higher ideals and values of what is right and good for our race. He drew to the Movement from around the world the dedicated activists that would strive relentlessly for this higher ideal and withstand derisiveness and adversity.

Contained herein is a remarkable autobiography that chronicles the life of George Lincoln Rockwell; from early childhood memories to the trials and tribulations as Commander of the NSWPP. This unflagging champion of National Socialism tells his incredible story.

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