Auschwitz: The First Gassing
Carlo Mattogno Mainstream historians claim that the very first gassing of human beings at Auschwitz occurred in 1941. Mattogno analyzed all available testimonies. The resulting image is quite confusing:

- The gassing happened either in spring 1941, or Aug. 14, or 15, or Sept. 3-5, or 5-6, or 5-8, or Oct. 9, 1941, or even in Nov. or Dec. of 1942;
- There were either 200, 300, 500, 696, 800, 850, 980, 1,000, 1,400, or 1,663 victims;

- the victims died immediately, or perhaps stayed alive for 15 hours;

- the corpses were removed either the next day, or the next night, or 1-2 days later, or 3 days later, or on the 4th day, or the 6th day;

- the bodies of the victims were either cremated, or buried in mass graves, or partly cremated and partly buried.

These chaotic claims regarding the very first gassing at Auschwitz are typical of all other accounts of homicidal gassings during the Third Reich.

Using original wartime documents Mattogno refutes these claims and inflicts a final blow to the tale of the first alleged homicidal gassing.