Memoirs by Alfred Rosenberg — The sensational memoirs of Alfred Rosenberg, the Third Reich’s leading ideologue, Minister of the Occupied Eastern Territories, and author of the Myth of the 20th Century, written while in prison at Nuremberg.

These memoirs contain a no-holds barred overview of his political life, from the time of his earliest involvement in the NSDAP, right up to the Nuremberg Trials.

Here the reader will find astonishing revelations on some of the following topics:

- The Jewish Communist Revolution in Munich;
- The Spirit behind National Socialism;
- How the Storm Troopers were organized in Response to Communist Violence;
- Christianity and National Socialism and The Myth of the 20th Century;
- Racial Respect and the Jewish Question;
- A Prediction of the Racial Dissolution of America;
- Race and Racial History;
- Oswald Mosely’s Mistake in Choosing the Word “Fascist”;
- The Strasser Brothers and Conflict within the Party;
- Himmler’s Ahenerbe and debate over Use of “Nordic”;
- The Mistake of letting the Police Fall under Political Control;
- Artur Axmann and the Alpine Redoubt;
- Hitler, Art, and Architecture;
- Hitler Rejected Christianity;
- Did Hitler Risk the Existence of the Reich by Going to War?;
- Rosenberg’s Attempts to Stem Anti-Slavic Attitude;
- Rosenberg’s political testament, in which he outlined how a future democratic, National Socialist state should be constructed, in which there would be press freedom, democratic elections, and much, much more.

An eye-opening work which provides an unparalleled insight into the thinking of one of the most senior figures of the Third Reich, and arguably the single most important National Socialist ideologue after Hitler.
This new edition contains over 200 explanatory footnotes and is fully indexed. 214 p-sc