Hyperborean Home Farnham O'Reilly — Takes place three millennia in the future and tells not only of a world that might have been, but of a world that shall be, in accordance with those Eternal Laws that determine the destinies of men and that were disclosed anew in modern times by One who currently enjoys the distinction as the most hated man who ever lived.

The story tells of a society that functions in harmony with Nature, a world where animals and humans coexist as a blessing, rather than a threat, to one another. A workable blending of high (and very, very green) technology, medieval agrarian lifestyles, and deep ecology, the age-old war between good and evil is finally fought to the finish as all living creatures join forces in a desperate struggle against that enemy that seeks to destroy their wonderful way of life.

Relevant, iconoclastic, and poignant, it indicts the dark age we live in yet also gives hope for that life yet to come; a Nature-based society that was blueprinted just a few short years ago. 387p sc $20 hc $30.