The Biology of the Race Problem by Prof. W.C. George — Commissioned by the Governor of Alabama in 1962, this seminal work on the reality of racial differences remains one of the most concise works on the topic.

Starting with an explanation of the workings of hereditary, the author moves on to an in-depth discussion of the fundamental—and, as he points out, unchangeable—racial differences between Europeans and Africans in particular. Addressed in this volume are the standard topics of physical, psychological and intellectual differences. It then moves on to the important effects these differences have on society, providing an explanation for the ongoing and disproportionately high non-white crime rate, which, the author shows is rooted in an physical difference which creates different behavioral patterns.

It then discusses the influence of genetics on behavior and how this principle is used in the breeding of animals, before showing how this is equally applicable to human genetics. George then discusses the origin of racial differences, and the dangers posed by racial integration, before concluding with an overview of the historical record of the Negro race and destroying all the classical liberal explanations for its non-achievements. Finally, the author proposes a just solution to the problem: physical geographic separation which will be in the interests of all races.

Also contains an appendix detailing the lies and subversion spread by the Jewish anthropologist Franz Boas who started the “environmental” school of anthropology 73p-sc