Conquest of a Continent Grant (1865-1937) - Was one of America’s most influential racial thinkers. This work outlines the racial antecedents of the European people who originally settled and tamed America.

Grant was an unapologetic Nordicist, and, by using documented historical fact, proved that the colonial stock who opened up America for settlement were primarily of Northwestern European stock, with particular emphasis on its English and Ulster Scots roots. Grant provides an overview of the historical racial composition of Europe, and goes on to show how America reached its greatest degree of racial homogeneity in 1860. He shows how later immigration from all parts of the world was steadily undermining this founding stock.

Written at a time when the US Congress had just halted all further non-Northwestern European immigration, Grant’s predictions of what would happen if unlimited immigration was allowed once again, and if the existing racial problems left by slavery and illegal Mexican immigration were not addressed, make sobering reading in the twenty-first century. This book includes all the original maps from the 1993 edition and contains two brand new appendices.

The first details how the Anti-Defamation League sought to suppress this book upon its first publication, and the second is of a 2006 study which showed that the number of Americans born with blue eyes had dropped from 1 in 2 in 1900 to less than 1 in 6 in 2000—proof of the accuracy of Grant’s predictions that unlimited immigration would lead to the de-Nordicization of America. 252p-hc $34 sc $24.