5th SS Mountain Corps and 32nd SS Panzer Grenadier Division "30 Januar" on the Oder Front, 1945 Landwehr—The embittered, heroic fight by besieged defenders of Europe against hopeless odds in the closing days of WWII is a testament to valor for all time. Here are two of the formations which did their duty to the bitter end. Illus. 92p-sc $20

Campaign in Russia: The Wallonian Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front — Degrelle. A front line soldier from the Wallonian (French-speaking Belgian) volunteer Waffen-SS campaign on the Eastern Front during World War II provides a gripping, blood-drenched and shocking account of his part in the greatest land war in human history. 369p-sc $25; hc with dust-jacket $40

Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen SS Beaver and Borsarello—The first comprehensive study of Waffen SS camouflage clothing. Over 1,000 full-color and contempoary black/white photographs give an unparalleled look at Waffen SS combat troops and their distinctive camouflage dress. Includes patterns, zeltbahns, smocks, headgear, amored personnel clothing, winter clothing, tropical clothing and modifications, plus a section on SS paratroops. A photographic reference for the historian, collector and student alike. 293p-hc/large format $60

Division Das Reich (Bildband) Weidinger—Illustrated history of the legendary 2nd SS Panzer Division, one of the elite "fire brigade" units of National Socialist Europe, which was sent where the fighting was the heaviest, from Holland and France to Russia and the Balkans. German/English text. 288p-hc/large format. SPECIAL IMPORT $60

Hitler Boys in America Schmidt—The author of SS Panzergrenadier examines the Allies' postwar attempt to destroy the German soul in this remarkable case study. Two young Germans, both Hitler Youth members, immigrated to the U.S. shortly after WWII. Each published writings about his experiences in Hitler's Germany, yet their perspectives differ radically. The reason? One was subjected to the post-war "re-education" of the German people, while the other managed to escape it. A close-up view of the devastating effects of the "de-Nazification" of the Germans, a program the author describes as "the determined attempt to remove all vestiges of pride in their own nation and culture of this now defenseless people." If anything can rightly be called genocide, this is it. 319p-hc $33

Kriegsgeschichte der 12. Panzerdivision "HJ" Meyer—Illustrated history of the valiant Hitler Youth Division. Composed of 16- and 17-year-old volunteers raised in the iron, do-or-die spirit of National Socialism, it foughtwith incredible fanaticsm and ferocity at Normandy, in the Ardennes, and finally in Hungary. Here is what real Aryan warriors look like! German/English text. 215p-hc/large format SPECIAL IMPORT $50

SS Panzergrenadier Schmidt— A true story of the Second World War by first hand account both humorous and harrowing. Hans Schmidt takes a look back to his youth as he enters first in the Reich Labor Service, and then volunteers for military duty. A dramatic first-hand account of daily life in the 1st SS LAH for this remarkably typical young man, and his incredible story. Hans Schmidt is refreshingly frank about his war-time experiences, notably illustrating what did and did NOT happen as a member of this elite unit. Also follows are his reounting of captivity after the war, and the dramatic illustration of real death-camp attrocities. 407p-hc illus w/index. $50 (signed by author while small supply lasts).

Waffen SS in the West Published by Schiffer— The long sought after original SS publication Waffen SS im Westen is now available for the first time! Translated into english and carefully reproduced. Illustrated 144p-hc $30

The "Wallonian": The 28th SS Volunteer Division Landwehr, et al.—Illustrated history of the Belgian SS volunteers who served under the famous Leon DeGrelle. Describes major actions and includes maps as well as plates with insignia and uniforms. 32p-sc $15

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