Apocalypse 1945: The Destuction of Dresden Irving -— Horrifying original account of the most devastating air arrack in history. Here is the book that first told the story of what happened to one German city in WW II. This account presents the shocking picture of the horror of a REAL holocaust--although the author woefully understates the number of those who died, reliably estimated at between 250,000 and a half million. Quite a difference from his modest figure of a mere "100,000"! While casualty figures for Jews who died during the Second World War are grossly exaggerated, those of this and other non-Jewish holocausts are systematically minimalized. This is REAL "holocaust denial"! 318p-hc with photos. $45

Anti-Zion Grimstadt — A remarkable collection of quotations by prominent people on the Jews and Jewish activities going back 2,000 years. Taken from original works, they show what the greatest minds of history actually said and thought about the Jewish Question. Eye-opening revelations on every page. 224p-sc $20

Auschwitz: The First Gassing Carlo Mattogno — Using original wartime documents Mattogno refutes these claims and inflicts a final blow to the tale of the first alleged homicidal gassing. 160p-sc $20

Behind Communism Britton - Fully revised, expanded and updated from the original 1952 book, this work clearly shows that Communism grew out of Russian Judaism. Although the Soviet Union has disappeared, the ideology which underpinned that state—state-engineered economic and social egalitarianism—lives on, and is stronger than ever before in the West. Now completely updated to include post-war Communist movements in eastern Europe, Britain, America, South Africa and China, this book is the most detailed record yet of the leading Jewish role in Communism. The conclusion discusses the reasons for Jewish extremist behavior, based on an understanding of group evolutionary psychology. Cover image: Nelson Mandela and the head of the South African Communist Party, the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, 1990. 237p-sc $20

Churchill’s War (Vol. 2) Irving – This volume covers the middle years of World War II. It was made possible by the release of thousands of once-secret files. At the author’s request both the Major and Blair governments opened previously sealed files. A fuller picture of Churchill can now be seen. It is one that is often attractive, but also often unpalatable: he often willingly fomented and prolonged the war against Hitler, not in pursuit of any fundamental British interest, but to acquire, consolidate and enjoy power after the years he spent in poverty in the political wilderness. 1050p-hc $50

Colin Jordan: A National Socialist Life — Special photographic tribute to the late British National Socialist leader and activist. Here is the story of his colorful life—from his days at public school and on holiday in Hitler’s Germany to his tulmultuous public activity, including his organization of the famous 1962 encampment in the Cotswolds where, together with George Lincoln Rockwell, he founded the World Union of National Socialists—plus much more. A close associate of Matt Koehl and the NEW ORDER, he was awarded the Movement’s highest award for loyalty in 1994. Contains 88 photos and illustrations, many never before published. 20p-sc/magazine format/glossy stock. SPECIAL IMPORT $10

Conquest of a Continent Grant (1865-1937) — Was one of America’s most influential racial thinkers. This work outlines the racial antecedents of the European people who originally settled and tamed America. 252p-hc $34 sc $23

Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism Kevin MacDonald — Jewish intellectual and political movements are a powerful force in Western societies. Marxism, Zionism, neoconservatism, psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism have transformed Western self-consciousness, shattered ancient political orders through wars and revolutions, and promoted the ongoing demographic dispossession of European people by Third World immigrants. The Jewish role in these movements is often the subject of fierce partisanship on all sides, but is seldom the subject of careful and dispassionate scientific analysis. Kevin MacDonald has pioneered the evolutionary analysis of Jewish religious, intellectual, and political movements as strategies for achieving collective survival, advancement, and influence. Hiss essays are not only models of scientific rigor, broad research, and deep insight, but of courage, candor, and clarity. They are essential reading not just for scholars and students, but for anyone concerned to understand, and perhaps to alter, the dominant trends Western civilization. 432p-sc $25 hc $40

Defiance Savitri Dêvi (R.G. Fowler ed.) — Savitri Devi’s vivid and impassioned memoir of her arrest, trial, and imprisonment on the charge of distributing National Socialist propaganda in Occupied Germany in 1949. Considered Devi’s most readable book, it is not primarily a work of philosophy or history, but a gripping first-person narrative that truly reads as a heart-rending novel. 416p-sc $30

Essays in Eugenics Francis Galton — Reprint of the original epoch-breaking 1909 publication by one of the greatest scholars of modern times. Francis Galton was not only a pioneer of climatology, demography, and statistics, but also the founder of modern eugenic thought. These essays summarize his conclusions as to he importance of heredity and the need for eugenic measures to counteract the dysgenic influences, which were already in his time beginning to affect the more advanced nations of the world. Gain new insight into today’s social challenges. 109p-sc $18

Europe in the Year 2000 by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. A selection of fourteen articles penned by National Socialist Germany’s Minister of Information between January 1928 and April 1945. It includes his important “The Art of Propaganda” lecture before a 1928 NSDAP officers’ seminar, and his very last published article, “Resistance at Any Price,” published on April 22, 1945, just nine days before his death.108p-sc $10

New From Kaiserhof to Reichschancellery Goebbels—National Socialist propaganda minister Joseph’s Goebbels diaries from January 1932 to May 1933 provide a first-hand chronicle of the tumultuous time which saw Adolf Hitler propelled from his civilian headquarters at the Kaiserhof Hotel into the office of Chancellor of Germany. An essential and fascinating account of the Nazi road to power, first published in Germany in 1933, and then in English in 1938 under the title “My Part in Germany’s Fight.” Illustrated. 335p-sc $25

German Youth in a Changing World — Third Reich booklet about the role of young people in National Socialist Germany, and in the Hitler Youth in particular. Instructive reading for anyone genuinely concerned about today¹s alienated youth. Illus. 47p-sc $12

Germany’s Hitler Heinz — Sympathetic portrayal of the Leader, from his childhood in Upper Austria, the years of struggle as a young artist in Vienna and his battle experiences in WWI to the building of the NSDAP and his victory over the Reds and reactionaries. First published in 1934, this biographical account is intended to introduce the English and American reader to the man who was Germany’s Leader. 176p-sc $10

Germany and the Jewish Question by Wiehe. First published by the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Question in Berlin in 1938, this book became the standard work which set out to explain the policies of National Socialist Germany to the outside world. 126p-sc $10

Gold in the Furnace Dêvi —This volume is an ardent National Socialist's vivid and moving account of life in occupied Germany in the aftermath of World War II. Savitri Dêvi gives a scathing description of Allied brutality and hypocrisy: Dêvi describes in vivid detail how individual National Socialists were subjected to 'de-Nazification' by Germany's democratic 'liberators' through torture, starvation, imprisonment, show-trials, murder and other horrors. She also chronicles the Allies' systematic plunder of Germany. In spite of all this, Dêvi viewed it not as the end of National Socialism, but as a purification—a trial by fire separating the base metal from the gold - a prelude to a new beginning. 2nd ed. 294p-sc $45 3rd ed. 294p-sc $25

Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine Landman - This astonishing booklet, written by one of Britain’s leading Zionists in the 1930s, shows how the Zionist lobby manipulated America into the First World War against Germany in exchange for the promise to give Palestine to the Jews as a homeland. This work was originally directed as a complaint against the British government for failing to live up to its promise after the Jewish lobby had lived up it to its promise. It lists the names, dates and places of how these remarkable events occurred, and even accused the British of endangering Jews in Germany at the time, where the Jewish role in bringing the U.S. into the war was well-known and one of the major causes of anti-Semitism in Germany. This is the original text along with a new introduction which provides a complete historical background and summary. “The only way to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favor of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.” 33p-sc $9

The Great Tragedy: Germany’s Declaration of War against America Adolf Hitler’s December 11, 1941 speech to the Reichstag, delivered just hours after a formal declaration of war had been delivered to the U.S. ambassador in Berlin, marked a decisive turning point in the global tragedy of World War II. This speech was more than just a declaration of war: it is an 88 minute personally written explanation by Hitler of the origin of the war, the background to the outbreak of the war in Poland, its subsequent dramatic developments, why he decided to attack the Soviet Union in June 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt’s hostile policies toward Germany, a short overview of Germany’s place in the struggle for all of Europe, and finally his earnest desire for peace at any cost. The day after this speech was delivered, a highly inaccurate an edited version appeared in American newspapers. This is the first complete and accurate translation of this massively historical speech, and provides a feast for historians of that great, and awful, conflict. 41p-sc $12

The Great Sex Divide Glenn Wilson — Entertainingly written by a leading psychiatrist, this volume refutes the invalid psychological assumptions that extreme feminist arguments rely upon and shows that men and women have reciprocal roles in society based on identified psychological differences. Contents: Sex and Evolution; Evidence from Human Biology; Evidence from Animals and other Cultures; Can the Differences be Suppressed?; Sexual Anomalies and Difficulties; Talent and Achievement; Aggression and Crime; Social Forces and The Sex War. 160p-sc $20

Heredity in Relation to Eugenics Davenport — Prepared at a time when Western academics could still write freely about the supremacy of nature over nurture, and of the important effects of race and racial mixing, Professor Davenport’s book provides a wealth of detail—including meticulously researched family trees—which prove conclusively that every human attribute, both positive and negative, can be traced back to an individual’s biological inheritance—and this includes psychology, intelligence, character, and behavior. Lavishly illustrated with over 180 charts and diagrams. Indexed. 272p-sc $14

Heydrich: The Ideal National Socialist — One of the most remarkable figures of NS Germany was Reinhard Heydrich, the head of Reich security services. As Governor of Bohemia-Moravia, his success in improving living standards for Czech workers won their respect and cooperation - and led to the Allied decision to assassinate him. 80p-sc $10

Hitler Democrat Degrelle - What most people think they ‘know’ about Hitler and his era is nothing close to the truth. In Hitler Democrat the other side of the story is told, as only the great General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS could tell it. This tremendous work is unlike any other book about World War II — and Adolf Hitler — This is General Degrelle’s remarkable story! Deluxe binding. 548p-sc $30

Hitler's Military Headquarters Johnson — This volume is a treasure trove of photographs depicting Hitler's various headquarters during WWII: Alderhorst, Felsennest, Wolfsschlucht, Tannenberg, Berghof, Fruhlingssturm, Wolfsschanze, Wherwolf, Wiesenthal, and the Berlin Reichs Chancellery. In addition to many previously unpublished photos and maps, details concerning his movements during the war, the composition of the headquarters, guards, and staff are also covered. 240p-hc $30

New Hitler’s Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs and Foreign Affairs by Richard Tedor. Drawing on research from over 200 published volumes, the majority in German language, as well as on documents from British, Soviet and U.S. archives, here is a perspective of Hitler and his times unrestrained by the dictates of political correctness. Read "Hitler’s Revolution"—the other side of the story. 296p-sc $15

Hitler’s Table TalkHitler's Table Talk consists of notes of the German leader’s casual lunch and dinnertime conversations with his close friends and colleagues. Copied down by adjutants and edited for accuracy by his private secretary Martin Bormann, these discussions reveal Hitler’s wartime thoughts on his enemies, friends, and a variety of topics which included ranged from art, reminiscences of his childhood years, his true thoughts in religion, nature, science, technology and a host other topics which reveal his astonishingly wide general knowledge. This completely reformatted edition contains a brand new introduction which provides a history of the manuscript, its main themes and controversies, and is fully indexed. This is an indispensible aid for anybody wishing to gain a full, uncensored, insight into one of the most traumatic episodes of European history. 320p-sc $35

Hitler Was My Friend: The memoirs of Hitler’s Photographer Hoffman —Heinrich Hoffman was a key part in the making of the Hitler legend, the photographer who carefully crafted the image of the Führer as a godlike figure. Hoffmann published his first book of photographs in 1919, following his work as an official photographer for the German army. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, and his association with Hitler began.
He became Hitler's official photographer and traveled with him extensively. He took over two million photographs of Hitler, and they were distributed widely, including on postage stamps, an enterprise that proved very profitable for both men. Hoffmann published several books on Hitler in the 1930s, including The Hitler Nobody Knows (1933). Hoffmann and Hitler were very close, and he acted not only as a personal confidante - his memoirs include rare details of the Führer - but also as a matchmaker – it is Hoffmann who introduced Eva Braun, his studio assistant, to Hitler.
At the end of the war, Hoffmann was arrested by the US military, who also seized his photographic archive, and was sentenced to imprisonment for Nazi profiteering. This edition of a classic book includes photographs by Hoffmann and a new introduction by Roger Moorhouse. 256p-hc $40

HOLOCAUST? What They Don't Tell You? Reynouard — This booklet cost the author nine months in prison and thousands of euros in fines. The power of this booklet alarmed French authorities to the extent that M. Reynouard was charged under the notorious “Gayssot Act,” which makes it a criminal offense in France to “contest” or dispute a certain blood libel promulgated by the Nuremberg show trial of 1945-46. 16p-sc $10

Hyperborean Home O'Reilly — Takes place three millennia in the future and tells not only of a world that might have been, but of a world that shall be, in accordance with those Eternal Laws that determine the destinies of men and that were disclosed anew in modern times by One who currently enjoys the distinction as the most hated man who ever lived. This remarkably well-written book indicts the dark age we live in yet also gives hope for that life yet to come; a Nature-based society that was blueprinted just a few short years ago. 387p sc $20 hc $30

The Illustrated Guide to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich Stephen Goodson —This lavishly illustrated oversized guide with accompanying text gives readers some insight into the real Adolf Hitler, without the obligatory establishment smears. This book is a great introduction to the tragic—yet inspiring—life of Hitler and the Third Reich. 40p-sc $15

The Importance of Race in Civilization Wayne Macleod — While there is an array of literature and opinions presented in everything from the press to scholarly thick volumes to confirm the notion that racism is primitive, unsophisticated, and has no place in the modern world, the author disproves these notions, and shows that they are based on nothing more than emotional sentimentalism, supported by distorted facts that have no meaning to a logical mind. He makes the case that the peoples which have saved themselves from extreme out-breeding—the Germanic Caucasians, the Chinese, the Japanese—are the ones which aspire to greatness. 90p-sc $15

The Indo-Europeans Jean Haudry — A modern text discussing the language, culture, racial and geographical origins of the early Indo-Europeans. Chapters include: World Vision: Language and Mentality, The Individual, the Group and the Universe; the Community: the People, the King, Duties Toward the Community; Religion: General Characteristics of Indo-European religions, The Gods of the Universe, Rites and Gods of the Four Circles of Social Attachment. The Gods of the Three Functions, From Gods to Heroes, Twilight of the Gods; Institutions; The Indo-European Legal Heritage, Law and Religion, Lineage and the Law; The Law and the Three other Circles; War; Production and Reproduction; Geographical origin of the Indo-Europeans. 165p-sc $20

IQ and Race: The Complete Overview—The April 2012 discovery by an international team of scientists of the gene HMGA2 which determines brain size and intelligence, has firmly established the supremacy of the “nature” or racial-determinant view of intelligence and achievement over the leftist “nurture” argument. This book reviews and summarizes all the major and influential works on IQ and race published since 1980. Starting with the full text of Professor Henry Garret’s classic IQ and Racial Differences, the remainder of the book is given over to summaries of: Harvard psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s bestseller The Bell Curve; Professors J. Phillipe Rushton and Arthur Jensen’s ground-breaking "Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability" as published by the American Psychological Association; —Professor Rushton’s book Race, Evolution and Behavior; - Professors Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s IQ and the Wealth of Nations with its global IQ charts; and full details of the 2012 HMGA2 gene discovery report. If you want a simple to read, easy, concise and up-to-date summary of all the scientific evidence about race and IQ, then this is the book for you. 86p-sc $12

I Was Hitler’s Pilot by Hans Baur — A decorated First World War pilot, Hans Baur was one of the leading commercial aviators of the 1920s before being pitched into the thick of it as personal pilot to a certain ‘Herr Hitler’. Remarkably, throughout it all Baur’s loyalty to the Führer never wavered. His memoirs capture these events in all their fascinating and vivid detail. Hardcover $30

A Jew Answers Anti-Semitism Eli Ravage—Is the basis of Western Civilization Jewish and are Christians Hypocritical in being anti-Semitic? Angered by growing anti-Semitism from Christians in the early 20th century, the author pointed out that if people were looking for a “Jewish conspiracy” then they should stop talking about Communism or Capitalism, but face up to the fact that Christianity—and therefore the post-Roman Western Civilization—has a Jewish spiritual, historical, intellectual and even moral basis. A book which will shock Christians, Jews and atheists alike. With a discussion and conclusion by a leading American professor. 60p-sc $11

Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany—Originally published in 1933 by The General League of Anti-Communist Associations. Shows that during the period of the Weimar Republic, Jews heavily dominated industry, finance, commerce, medicine, law and theater, yet made up only 1% of the population. The Jews became apostles of communism and carriers of corruption, which forced the Government of Germany to adopt certain legal measures to curtail the authority exercised by Jews. 32p-sc $8

Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union Greife — The first book to be published in the West (1937) which exposed the fact that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalin-era Gulags. The Jewish role in the Soviet concentration-camp network has been covered up by the present-day media, with their focus on the German internment centers of World War II — this, despite the fact that far more prisoners perished in Jewish Communist camps than even the wildest allegations about the German camps suggest. This remarkable book dared to point out the truth long before it became widely known. Now, with a 2011 introduction, this version contains the original text and many of the original photographs. 50p-sc $15

John Amery - In His Own Words John Amery — Seven talks by John Amery, one of two Britons hanged for treason by the Churchill Government after World War II. This rare book reprints talks broadcast from National Socialist Germany in November and December 1942. 64p-sc $8

A Journey to Ashango Land by Chaillu — This book was written after the author’s last expedition into the African interior when Du Chaillu set out with the intention of reaching the Nile River. After over a year of travel, the expedition failed and he was forced back after being wounded by a poison arrow during an attack by a hostile interior tribe. This new edition has been completely reset and contains all original 23 illustrations and maps. Softcover $16

The Last Days of the Romanovs Wilton—dramatic, accurate and complete account of the murder of Russia’s Imperial Family by the Communists in 1918 at the height of the Russian Civil War which followed the Bolshevik seizure of power. Written by the London Times’ correspondent in Russia, this book was told not only the true story of how the Bolsheviks had come to power, but who was behind the phenomenon: an international clique of extreme Communist Jews. 337p-sc $24 UPDATED EDITION!

The Leese Collection Arnold Leese — For the first time ever, twenty rare pamphlets by Arnold Leese have been brought together in a single volume. This will be vital reading for all students of one of the most controversial figures in British political history. This volume contains: Devilry in the Holy Land; Bolshevism is Jewish; Chinese Communism; Disraeli the Destroyer; Freemasonry; Gambetta the Jew; The Illuminati and the French Revolution; Jewish Press Control; The Masonic Abdication of King George VI; Money No Mystery; Our Jewish Aristocracy; P.E.P.; Psychology and the Jews; Race and Politics; Rex versus Leese; The Destruction of India; The Era of World Ruin; The Growing Menace of Freemasonry; The Legalised Cruelty of Schechita; The Real Jew; a Lesson from Turkey. 116p-sc $20

Licht und Farbe Rost van Tonningen-Heubel — Issued on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Dutch National Socialist hero and martyr Meinoud Rost van Tonningen, this tribute in verse is accompanied by 12 beautiful color plates of original paintings by his widow. Also included are portraits of the author and her late husband. German text. Limited edition. 31p-sc SPECIAL IMPORT $15

Man and Technics Oswald Spengler — The follow-up to his monumental Decline of the West, this is an accessible introduction to the Spenglerian philosophy of history. The fundamental premise of the book is that the world is governed by natural forces, not genteel political and religious creeds. The work of an astute intellect, alive to the workings of the universe; startling and refreshing. 73p-sc $10

Man's Racial Nature Isherwood — An exposure of the false propaganda of the UN, showing how innate ethnic inequalities account for national differences in societies. Read this book carefully, and discover what the UN's plans for the White race really are. 16p-sc $4

The Martyrdom of William Joyce Walsh — An excellent introduction to William Joyce, the radio voice behind 'Lord Haw Haw.' This Irish patriot fearlessly extolled the virtues of National Socialism, which he saw as the key to Europe's future. The American magazine Life once observed that 50% of the British listened to his wartime broadcasts from Germany. Details his days with the British Fascists, the BUF and the National Socialist League. As compensation for his genuine love of country, he was eventually murdered at the hands of the British state.
32p-sc $10

Memoirs by Alfred Rosenberg — The sensational memoirs of Alfred Rosenberg, the Third Reich’s leading ideologue, Minister of the Occupied Eastern Territories, and author of the Myth of the 20th Century, written while in prison at Nuremberg. This new edition contains over 200 explanatory footnotes and is fully indexed. 214 p-sc $14

Myth of the Twentieth Century Rosenberg — A must have compendium to Mein Kampf. Alfred Rosenberg became National Socialism's leading ideologist, a role given official recognition by Adolf Hitler in 1934. The author of numerous political and philosophical writings besides The Myth of The Twentieth Century, Rosenberg was an uncompromising foe to every tendency — whether racial, religious, political, or philosophical — which he judged to be alien or opposed to the Nordic, Germanic soul. It was for this, more than for any alleged crimes during his ministry over the occupied East, that Rosenberg was condemned and hanged in Nuremberg in 1946. 470p-sc with index $45

Der Mythus des XX. Jahrhunderts: Eine Wertung der seelisch-geistigen Gestaltenkampfe unserer Zeit by Alfred Rosenberg—
"The Myth of the 20th Century: An Evaluation of the Spiritual-Intellectual
Confrontation of Our Age." Reprint of the German original. 712p-hc $50

Nazi Regalia E.W.W. Fowler — The Third Reich regalia, uniforms and decorations still have the power to fascinate! Nazi Regalia catalogues a wide array of Reich decorations, from swastika flags to fine details of the uniforms, with cuff titles andiron crosses, eagles and colorful waffenfarbe. Over 250 color and black and white illustrations—including some specially commissioned photography—and fascinating text. Oversized album 160p-hc $20

The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America Piper — An eye-opening inside look at the American Zionist elite today, the most thorough, fact-filled comprehensive up-to-date overview on the subject yet published. Price reduced - now just $15! Here, between two covers for the first time is hard data and information, taken primarily from mainstream pro-Zionist sources, relating to the power of the Zionist elite in America today. 184 p-sc $15

The Nordic Face: A Glimpse of Iron Age Scandinavia Jamieson — A concise anthropological description and summary of the early history of the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia and Northern Germany who inhabited those regions continuously since at least the Bronze Age. This small booklet includes maps showing their original location and subsequent Iron Age movement into the British Isles, France, Northern Italy and other European countries. Contains 21 illustrations of contemporary North Europeans illustrating the characteristic facial appearance of the Nordic peoples of Northern Europe. 36p-sc $8 LIMITED QUANITIES

Nova Europa Arthur Kemp — Given current demographic trends, European people will first become an outright minority in their own lands within the next thirty years. Thereafter, they will become a tiny minority, and shortly after that, will vanish completely under a flood of further immigration and miscegenation. "Traditional" political activity has failed to stem the tide, and the time has come to consider an alternative strategy which will preserve Europeans in the post-Western age. This book describes the steps required to attain a practical solution, namely a European ethnostate, divorced from "white supremacy" over others. Drawing upon history and two practical examples (the Afrikaner town of Orania and the Zionist state of Israel), the author forms an coherent argument for the creation of, at first, local European communities, and then eventually, the creation of a European ethnostate arising from the chaos of a Third World-ized globe. It includes detailed steps and territorial proposals. $10

Our Hitler by Joseph Goebbels. Every year on April 20th, from 1933 to 1945—only missing one year, 1934—National Socialist Germany’s Minister of Information Joseph Goebbels gave a speech on the occasion of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. These speeches, here translated into English, annotated and presented as one volume for the first time, provide a fascinating insight into the psychology of the Hitler phenomenon, as seen through the eyes of the Third Reich’s most gifted propagandist. 94p-sc $10

Out Of Step Leese—The official autobiography of the leader of the pre-war Imperial Fascist League. Arnold Leese started his career as a veterinary surgeon who became a specialist in treating in camels in the Empire’s East Africa Protectorate, which later became Kenya. He served on the Western Front during World War I and in the Middle East, where he attained the rank of captain. Upon his return to England, he turned his hand to politics to become one of the most famous pre-war radical politicians, distancing himself from Oswald Mosley, accusing the British Union of Fascists of being “kosher.” 74p-sc $15

The Passing of the Great Race Grant — This 1916 book established Yale and Columbia graduate Madison Grant (1865-1937) as an authority in racial thought. Its success laid the groundwork for the emerging science of eugenics, and was widely read by US presidents, scientists and became a popular best-seller in its day. It was a call to American whites to counter the dangers both from non-white and non-North Western European immigration. This hand-edited reproduction contains the complete original text, tables and maps, and a short note pointing out the modern corrections which are necessary to bring this book up to date. 148p-sc. $21 hc $31

The Races of Britain: A Contribution to the Anthropology of Western Europe by John Beddoe, MD. — This is a valuable work which serves as a testament to the original make-up of the British people, and will serve as beacon of the past pointing into the future as mass Third World immigration changes the racial make-up of Britain in the present-day. Classic European anthropology at its best. 275p-sc $20

Racial Realities in Europe Stoddard — DNA map of Europe Appendix by Arthur Kemp. The greatest obstacle to a clear understanding of Europe is the result of a very fundamental misconception. We think of Europe in units of nations, and of those nations as homogenous, and we take to little account of race and race mixtures. That we cannot understand Europe until we know and thoroughly comprehend its racial background is the basis of this absorbing book. It begins with a clear account of the distinction of the various white races in Europe, before moving onto a study of the racial composition of the individual countries, which provides an explanation of their policies. 200p-sc $25

RACIOLOGY: The Science of the Hereditary Traits of People Avdeyev — Foreword by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Raciology is about the science of the hereditary traits of peoples and races. His work rebuts the fashionable trends of modern Western anthropology. Over 200 photos, maps, and illustrations. 375p-sc $40

Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal and Murder by Abdallah Melaouhi — This is the story of his final years as the world's longest political prisoner's of conscience. This compassionate, first hand account is provided by his former Nurse up until the time of Hess' "suicide" and the nurse's first hand account of witness to the suspicious nature of his demise. Photos 291p-sc $20

The Rudolf Report Rudolf - A German chemist by profession, Mr. Rudolf conducted a comprehensive forensic analysis of the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz, and proved conclusively that the buildings could never have been used for the purpose claimed. This is the full, uncut version of The Rudolf Report, and is the first time that this detailed, scholarly demolition of the Auschwitz legend has been published in English. 455p-sc $20

Russia’s Agony Wilton—The London Times’ correspondent in Russia provided the first western eyewitness account of the monumental events which resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union. Wilton provides a full historical background and the disastrous course of World War One for Russia, which sets the scene for the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks. He then details the Red Terror’s full enormity, and ends with the optimistic—and incorrect—hope that Bolshevism would be short-lived. Although Wilton’s credentials were impeccable and his status unchallenged, this book was blacklisted because he dared to report openly on the overwhelming number of Jews amongst the Communist revolutionaries. “I reported from Riga on the pernicious influence of Jewish Extremists. But this appeal to moderation was willfully distorted by the Jewish Press. Facts cited by me on the best authority were “proved” to be non-existent, and a campaign of slander and intimidation followed. Now, I was threatened with nothing less than murder.” “Afterwards their numbers increased largely, and although they studiously concealed their identity under assumed Russian or Polish names, it became known that the principal ones were: Nahamkez-Steklov, Apfelbaum-Zinoviev, Rosenfeldt-Kamenev, Goldmann-Gorev, Goldberg-Mekowski, Zederbaum-Martov, Himmer-Sukhanov, Krachman-Zagorski, Hollander-Mieshkowski, Lourier-Larin, Seffer-Bogdanov. Among the leaders of this gang – under Lenin – were: Trotsky, whose real name was Bronstein, and Feldmann, alias Chernov.” “Moreover, the Press, almost entirely in Jewish hands, had gone over to the Soviet, and Moderate organs that would not publish the Soviet proclamations glorifying spoilation and promoting Anarchy had been summarily ‘expropriated’ on behalf of newly founded Socialist publications.” “The revolutionary pseudo-Jews were thus destroying Russia’s hopes of a national revival and dragging the country into disaster.” “Behind the veil thus dropped by the Soviet and its pseudo-Jewish supporters, British and French pacifists worked unremittingly for the success of the Soviet plan.” Contains all original pictures and maps. 404p-sc $26

Ship Without A Country: Eyewitness Accounts of the Attack on the USS Liberty Edited by Victor Thorn and Mark Glenn—When one considers that thousands of books, articles, essays, documentaries and blockbuster films have been made concerning pivotal events in history such as Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK; at the same time we need to ask: why has no such attention toward the attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967) taken place? After all, had the ship been sunk as planned, it would have kicked off a possibly nuclear war between the U.S. and USSR. The reason for this silence over the Liberty attack is simple. It didn’t go off as planned, meaning the ship was not sunk. More importantly, the entity responsible for this attack was the most sacred of all sacred cows—Israel. Moreover, any rational person who spent even five minutes considering the facts of this event would walk away concluding that it was a deliberate act of war against the U.S. In this book, readers will come into contact with many of these facts, disturbing items that have been kept deliberately, some might even say fanatically, hidden, for nearly half a century. They paint the ultimate picture of set-up, betrayal, and cover-up—both by Israel and elements within the U.S. government. You’ll hear DIRECTLY from the survivors as well as high-ranking U.S. Navy and government officials who were witness to the subsequent cover up. These men agreed to be interviewed—at great physical and professional risk to themselves—so that the world would know what they saw that fateful day. Now you can too. 90p-sc $15

Spring Comes Again Jorian Jenks —This book is a summation of BUF agricultural policy, as drawn up by one of Oswald Mosely’s most senior lieutenants. He favored agricultural autarky for Britain, import controls and the establishment of an Agricultural Land Bank in order to make farm debt more manageable. In addition, he wanted an Agricultural Corporation to set prices and fit in with the BUF corporatist economic policy. Jenks' ideas had an impact on government policy, as moves towards agricultural self-sufficiency became the cornerstone of policy in the late 1940s. When Mosely was detained under the notorious Defense Regulation 18B, he named Jenks as temporary leader of the BUF. Jenks was however detained as well, and after his release in 1941, withdrew from active politics. Extremely rare reprint. 14p-sc $20

Some Thoughts on the Formation of an Aryan American Folk Martin Kerr — A contribution to contemporary National Socialist thought from a leading American writer. Special emphasis is given to the volkisch concept and the need for a folk community. 31p-sc $5

SS Culture! Look inside the heart and soul of the Schutzstaffel. This SS Culture series is translated from the original SS publications – written by and for the SS. Many original illustrations are included. Ideal for collectors, history buffs and researchers. Each softcover volume has 50 – 52 pages. $10 each.

The Stroop Report by Jürgen Stroop — The Stroop Report is the official German account of the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto from April to May 1943, prepared by the Commanding Officer of the operation, SS-Brigade Leader Jürgen Stroop. Divided up into three sections—an executive summary, copies of the official day-to-day combat reports, and a photographic record, the report contains a number of fascinating insights into the brief and brutal conflict. This edition contains the original German pages alongside full English translations, and also contains all 70 original photographs, many of which are published here for the first time ever.$12

Take Your Choice: Separation of Mongrelization Bilbo — Bilbo was America's most controversial politician ever elected to high office, including the governorship and senate of the state of Mississippi. An avowed Southern nationalist, Bilbo was even a member of the Ku Klux Klan in his youth, although he left that organisation before he was elected to office. A firm defender of Southern segregation, Bilbo was unusual in that he realized that segregation was no answer and invoked considerable opposition from his fellow Southerners because of his demand that physical geographical separation was the only way to preserve Western Civilization. "If we choose any plan short of the physical separation of the races, we are in effect adopting the scheme of amalgamation of the races. Any student of racial history knows that if the Negroes remain in the United States, the last American will be an octoroon or a mongrel . . . If the Negroes are not removed, this condition may come about in three to five hundred years: The fact that it will come sooner or later is a certainty." 257p-sc $14

They Too Were AMERICANS FreelandThe German-American Bund in Words, Photos and Artifacts. An inside view of the German-American Bund from interviews, personal diaries, hundreds of photos and artifacts compiled by the author. The Bund was a truly independent form of American National Socialism which sought understanding as well as friendship between the United States and Germany. Domestically, the Bund believed portions of the Capitalist as well as National Socialist world view could be of benefit to their fellow citizens in America. 562 photos, many in color 320p-hc $67

This Time The World Rockwell — At long last! A quality re-print of the original HARDCOVER EDITION. The superb autobiography of the champion of the post-war National Socialist movement. Complete with an epilogue by his successor; Commander of the NSWPP, Matt Koehl. A real, rare treasure with a gorgeous dust-cover. Considered a MUST READ. 440p-hc OUT OF STOCK Recently Available Softbound edition 325p-sc $30

Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1941 by Mr. Patrick John Cloutier— Author discusses the motivations of the three Axis kingdoms for going to war against the USSR, the organization of the forces which participated, their roles as integral components of Army Group South, and traces their movements and progress during the course of Operation Barbarossa. 156 p-sc $22

Tomorrow We Live Oswald Mosley — A reprint of the official policy booklet of the British Union, issued in 1938. “The reader will find in these pages a policy born only of British inspiration, and a character and method suited to Britain alone. We are proud enough of our own people to believe that once Britain is awake our people will not follow, but will lead mankind.” — Oswald Mosley, May 1938. 96p-sc $15

Triumph of Reason: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Adolf Hitler Walsh – This power packed volume is a carefully organized and well annotated selection of the Führer’s views on a surprisingly wide variety of topics, excerpted from his speeches and writings – unlike anything yet seen in the English language. Inside a handsome, quality bound card cover, is found what might be termed “the best of Adolf Hitler.” Photos. 72p-sc $16

Truth for Germany Udo Walendy — A new edition and retranslation into readable English—those acquainted with the previous edition will appreciate the endeavor. Hitler did not want war! But—who did? Aptly demonstrated and factually proven with copious references to archival documents on the foreign policies of the Great Powers before September 1939 from London, Paris, Washington, Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin, the hypothesis of German’s Guilt for the Second World War is demolished. Future historical research could, if need be, amplify the facts compiled in this book, but it can no longer prove them non-existent. Twice placed on the Index of Forbidden Books in Germany, the order was revoked in 1996. Propaganda Agitation used as psychological warfare and the historical facts presented to the reader are still as disturbingly valid today as then. 32 maps. 500p-sc $40

Truth and Justice versus Lies and Hatred Juchem—Germany's fate from a German perspective, this pamphlet explains the roots for the hatred cast onto the Europeans, and how they lied to continue war upon them. Wolfgang Juchem touches on the terrible results from the Treaty of Versailles, and the great German resurgence after 1933, he also touches briefly on wartime events, as well as a section with very useful questions regarding the holocaust. 51p-sc $6

'Twaz A Good Fight'! The Life of Colin Jordan Stephen L. Frost — Here is a superb and highly detailed biography of the Late Colin Jordan. A British National Socialist and first Presiding Officer of the World Union of National Socialists at its foundation in Cotswold England 1962. 336p-sc with illustrations.$25

Twilight Over England William Joyce — The author was an American-born member of the pre-war British Union of Fascists who defected to Germany at the beginning of World War II. He won fame as the German radio propaganda broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw, and at the height of his fame, had almost as many listeners to his broadcasts in Britain as the BBC. Captured at the end of the war, he was hanged for treason even though he had legally renounced his adopted British citizenship.108p-sc $16

War Is a Racket by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC.
"War is a Racket" is marine general, Smedley Butler's classic treatise on why wars are conducted, who profits from them, and who pays the price. Few people are as qualified as General Butler to advance the argument encapsulated in his book's sensational title. When "War is a Racket" was first published in 1935, Butler was the most decorated American soldier of his time. He had lead several successful military operations in the Caribbean and in Central America, as well as in Europe during the First World War. Despite his success and his heroic status, however, Butler came away from these experiences with a deeply troubled view of both the purpose and the results of warfare. 36 p—sc $5

The Web of Debt Brown — Unravels the deceptions in our money scheme and presents a crystal clear picture of the financial abyss towards which we are heading. Then it explores a workable alternative, one that was tested in colonial America and is grounded in the best of American economic thought, including the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. If you care about financial security, your own or the nation's, you should read this book. 602p-sc $24

What I Saw That Day Tourney—When U.S. Navy sailor Phil Tourney saw Israeli planes circling the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, he and his crewmates thought nothing of it. The Israelis waved at the crew and the Liberty crew waved back. Liberty was a unique vessel, unlike any other in the world, with a large tower and radio dishes used for eavesdropping, so the chance it could be mistaken for an “enemy” vessel were zero. 282p-sc $30

What the World Rejected with Hitler’s Peace Offer Stieve — Written by Germany’s foremost diplomatic historian of the early twentieth century, this work maps out all the numerous times that Adolf Hitler made unconditional offers of peace to all the nations of Europe—and how the major anti-German belligerents, France and Britain, turned down these offers each and every time. Fully reset and illustrated throughout with 22 rare photographs and reproductions of original documents.93p-sc $8

Which Way Western Man? William Gayley Simpson — Throughout his long lifetime, Simpson was a widely traveled and careful observer of Western civilization and is relations with the non-White peoples of the world, especially Negroes and Jews. An exceptionally deep thinker, he traced the sickness that has overtaken the White man’s world in the 20th century to its roots. Every racially conscious White person will want this book in their collection, as it is very possibly the best book of racial philosophy originally written in the English language. This is the only edition of Which Way Western Man that incorporates the author’s final revisions. 1070p-sc $40

The Voice of the Ancestors Wulf Sörensen — This unique poetical work was originally published before the war by the Nordland Verlag. Stressing the importance of maintaining the purity of the bloodline, it offers a glimpse of Germanic religiosity in contrast to Judeo-Christian dogma. 40p-sc $10

The Young Hitler I Knew August Kubizek — The story of an extraordinary friendship by Hitler's closest childhood friend gives fascinating insight into Hitler's character during those formative years. This is the first edition published in English since 1955. It includes important sections eliminated from the original English translation, and corrects many changes made for reasons of political correctness. The book's introduction by Ian Kershaw has some gratuitous criticisms and unscholarly inferences that are easily dispelled with Kubizek's sincerity. 264p-hc $30

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